• Pioneers in Leveraging Data Science for:

    Process Optimization

    Reduce the amount of time required to complete workflows by 30% or more.

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  • Pioneers in Leveraging Data Science for:

    Resource Optimization

    Utilize the digital footprint of resources to identify targeted improvement initiatives.

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  • Pioneers in Leveraging Data Science for:

    Strategic Sourcing

    Translate data you already have into a powerful knowledge for sourcing and managing commodity spend.

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About CKM Advisors

CKM Advisors is a recognized leader in advancing the use of data science for performance improvement. Our approach utilizes direct digital empirical measurements to assess employee productivity, resource utilization, process efficiency and the root causes of bottlenecks. Our assessments are quickly translated into targeted and highly successful improvement initiatives.

Our teams are a hybrid of traditionally trained strategy consultants and cutting edge data scientists - most holding PhDs. Relative to traditional management consultancies, we deploy small and highly agile teams.

We set ourselves apart from other major players in the data analytics space by being strictly technology agnostic. Our primary objective is solving business problems, not selling a pre-packaged software solution or squeezing a client problem into a black box. Achieving meaningful performance improvement with data science requires extensive experience dealing with all the nitty-gritty details in identifying, gathering, wrangling, normalizing and managing unwieldy datasets—this is where we thrive. Pre-packed solutions can provide tools to assist in that effort, but such tools on their own rarely provide meaningful value to senior management.

Our innovative ideas are backed by a solid track record of results with the leading players in the sectors and markets we serve. While there is currently a lot of excitement around experimenting with the use of large datasets, we understand that the bottom line is ultimately what matters to senior management.

From our base in New York, we serve clients throughout the United States and around the world. 

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Our Fall 2014 season for our target school on-campus recruiting events has been finalized, but we're still accepting non-target school applications from undergraduates, graduates and experienced hires. Applications can be submitted through our online application system available here. Additional information is also available by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Are you effectively managing hidden real estate vacancies?

Walk around the floors of just about any office building and you will typically see a fair number of empty desks, offices and cubicles. Some desks belong to those on vacation or working in another location, there’s the cube that those summer interns used up until two weeks ago, there’s the cube that nobody’s sure what it’s for but it seems to have accumulated an impressive collection of office plants, there’s… well you get the idea.

Any management consultant can put a PowerPoint slide together saying there are savings opportunities in reducing real estate costs, but realizing those savings is where real skill is required. Why is it so hard for corporate managers to optimize their real estate expenditure and realize such savings?[read more...]

Should you invest in 'big data'?

During an earlier post I wrote about how the use of ‘small data’ can still have a big impact on an organization’s ability to drive performance improvement. While so called ‘big data’ techniques can be incredibly powerful, not every data analytics challenge is a ‘big data’ analytics challenge.

That said, we’re still asked nearly every day “should we invest in big data [or insert name of generic big data technology]’?”

Our answer:

The first question you should be asking is “Have we effectively integrated data science into the management of our organization?”

You should invest first and foremost in establishing a data science program and, if your data science needs warrant it and your organization has access to the right expertise, you should consider investing in big data. If you don’t have a formalized data science program in place, then it’s imperative you start there first. [read more...]

What is a data scientist?

We share our view on the seven core characteristics and the seven key friends of a successful data scientist:

Don't Let History Repeat Itself with Bad Technology Decisions

In this blog post, CKM Advisors Data Analytics Director Mark Ginsburg offers some lessons from computing history to highlight common pitfalls today's technology executives can make when designing data analytics environments. A must read for anyone thinking about investing in 'black box' analytics solutions.     

Data Analytics: Keeping it Clean with a Nod to History

By Mark Ginsburg, Director

Lessons from the Past
In the Internet’s infancy, Unix shell commands were very terse such as ‘rm’, ‘mv’, ‘cp’ and so on.  There was a good reason for this.  The poor programmers had to work on so-called ‘typewriters’ (also known as teletypewriters) and it took physical exertion to press the keys down!  To exacerbate matters, the devices operated very slowly.  For example, the ASR-33 teletype had an input or output rate of only ten characters a second.  With this in mind, shell commands and editor commands (such as Ken Thompson’s ‘ed’) were very much to the point.
 [read more...]